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Dry January – good time for a liver scan?

Dry January has become a popular health trend, with many of us abstaining from alcohol for the entire month to give our livers a bit of a break.

It is also a great time to have a liver ultrasound scan, as doing it during or after Dry January can be a good idea for several reasons:

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  • Reduced Alcohol Impact: Abstaining from alcohol during Dry January gives your liver a break and allows it to recover from any potential stress caused by excessive alcohol consumption, especially during the festive season in December. This can result in a more accurate representation of your liver health during the scan.

  • Improved Liver Function: With a month of alcohol abstinence, your liver enzymes and overall liver function may improve. This can positively impact the results of liver-related tests, providing a clearer picture of your baseline liver health.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: If your liver scan is related to assessing liver disease, inflammation, or fatty liver, undergoing the scan when your liver is not under the influence of alcohol can lead to more accurate results.

  • Personal Health Assessment: Dry January is often used as an opportunity for individuals to assess their relationship with alcohol and make positive changes in their lifestyle. Getting a liver scan during or after this period can complement your commitment to overall health.

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    James Arthur visits Private Ultrasound Scans London

    It’s important to note that the decision to have a liver scan should be based on individual health concerns, symptoms, and recommendations from healthcare professionals- your GP or your specialist Doctor. If you have specific liver-related issues or concerns, it’s advisable to consult with your healthcare specialist. They can provide guidance on whether a liver scan is necessary, the optimal timing for the test, and how lifestyle factors, including alcohol consumption, may influence the results.

    We at Private Ultrasound clinic do not need a referral letter from your GP or specialist in order to provide an ultrasound scan and will happily book your appointment for when you need to be seen, even if it is the same-day appointment.

    Our ultrasound experts, Doctors and Consultant Radiologists, will take your medical history into consideration, any specific symptoms you might be experiencing and will check your liver thoroughly, providing explanation and discussing the findings with you.

    You will receive an instant medical report and ultrasound images, which you can then share with your healthcare provider, if needed.

    To book an appointment, follow the Liver scan link.

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