Private Ultrasound Scans in Harley Street, London

Welcome to Private Ultrasound Clinic at 1-7 Harley Street, central London, W1G 9QD.

Private Ultrasound clinic offers high quality yet affordable private ultrasound scans in a friendly, professional and caring environment. No GP referral is required when booking a scan.

All scans are performed by our own Senior Sonographers and Consultant Radiologists, who are highly qualified, experienced and registered with Royal College of Radiographers.

We use the latest GE technology for abdominal organs scans, neck scans, fertility and obstetric scans as well as our popular 4D baby scans to ensure the best possible diagnostic results.

With over 25 years experience in ultrasound diagnostics, you can rest assured that your health is our priority.

Pregnancy Scans

Our Clinic offers a wide range of pregnancy scans: Early Pregnancy and Dating Scans, Nuchal Scans, 20 Week Anatomy -  Anomaly Scans, Gender Scans, Growth/ Re-assurance Scans and our most popular 4D Baby Scans.

There are a variety of Ultrasound scans we provide for women - from Pelvic scans, Breast scans, Ovarian Cancer Screening, Kidney and Bladder scans, Liver scans to Fertility scans and IVF scans pre and during the treatment.

Our Clinic extends its expertise to men of all ages for all types of scans- from Liver scans, Kidney and Bladder scans to Testicular Cancer Screening, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) screenings and many more.

Book an Appointment Online- Easy and Quick

We offer fast track appointments same day, as well as in the evenings and Saturdays at our Clinic at 1-7 Harley Street W1G 9QD. Please note that evening and Saturday appointments carry a supplement charge of £20. For further information and bookings please check dates and times via our sister website or call us on 020 7935 4417, 07501 701 701 or send us an email.

During Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking all the necessary precautions. Our clients are advised to come for a scan alone or with one other adult, if they need to be accompanied. We strongly advise that our clients wear face masks at all times while in the clinic.

Should you be experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms such as coughing, chest pains, loss of sense of small and taste or a high fever, you MUST notify us immediately by calling. Do not come to the clinic if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who is.

For more information regarding your chosen ultrasound scan and any preparation required, please refer to the relevant pages on our websites. For pelvic and pregnancy scans, please consume 4 cups of water one hour before your scan. For abdominal and liver scans, please fast for 4 hours before your scan and maintain your sugar levels if diabetic.
If taking any regular medication, or have any health conditions or potential risks to your general health, please notify us immediately.
Please also note there is a supplemental charge of £20 for out-of-office hours appointments from 5pm, Saturdays and Bank holidays. 

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