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20 Weeks Anatomy Scan

20 Week Anatomy Scan or also referred to as an Anomaly Scan is a most comprehensive examination of the baby at that stage of the pregnancy. Special attention is given to certain organs or features in order to measure the development and detect any anomalies.

Instant ultrasound report and result explanation included.

20 Weeks Anatomy Scan by Private Ultrasound Scans London

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20 week Anatomy Baby scan

FAQ answered - 20 weeks anatomy baby scan questions

What is an Anomaly or Anatomy scan?

Sometimes referred to as mid-pregnancy scan, 20 week anatomy scan or anomaly scan is primarily concerned with checking for normal development of your baby’s physical features and internal organs. At this stage all of the baby’s organs are developed and clearly visible.

Anatomy scan is a very detailed examination where special attention is given to certain organs or features in order to detect any anomalies. We will also examine the mother’s uterus (womb) and placental position.

How is the Anatomy scan performed?

This is a trans-abdomenal scan, with an ultrasound probe gently gliding over the abdomen.

What will the scan examine?

  • Measurements are plotted onto charts and very detailed checks are made on baby’s
  • Face, head and brain
  • Eyes and palate
  • Stomach, kidneys, liver and bladder
  • Heart
  • Spine and limbs
  • Umbilical cord
  • Position of the baby and placenta
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Optional gender determination (at your request)

What is included?

  • A full diagnostic report
  • Free 4D preview
  • Free images (black and white)
  • Optional DVD video of your baby (£20) and colour images (£5 each)

Is someone available at the clinic to discuss further questions/ concerns after the scan?

Yes, an ultrasound specialist Doctor will be available to talk to if you have additional questions or concerns. We will ask you to show the report to your own Doctor or midwife. We can also provide details of the highly regarded Obstetricians and Fetal Medicine specialists we have been working with for many years, should you need any further advice and care.

What are the preparations for this scan?

A full bladder will improve the visibility of the pregnancy by trans-abdominal scan so we recommend drinking up to 4 cups of water one hour before your appointment time.

How easy is to book an appointment?

We introduced an easy and user friendly online booking system for your convenience. We understand the pressures of our fast-lane lifestyles nowadays and strive to meet your busy schedule by offering a fast-track, same day appointments during weekdays and Saturdays, as well as 2 evening clinics each week (appointments after 5pm carry a £20 supplemental charge).

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20 Weeks Anatomy Baby Scan

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