Private Ultrasound clinic offers a range of services for various stages of pregnancy. 

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Private Pregnancy Scans London

Early Pregnancy Scan

Most likely your starting point during pregnancy journey will be the Early pregnancy scan, usually performed between 6-11+ weeks. Early pregnancy scan includes;

Ultrasound Medic Ltd

Measurement of an embryo

  • Measurement of an embryo

  • Viability and dating with estimated due date

At Private Ultrasound Clinic we will be looking at the correct intrauterine position of the pregnancy, viability to see and hear foetal heartbeat and to establish how many weeks into your pregnancy you are. The scan is usually performed trans-abdominally, where the ultrasound prob would gently glides over your abdomen. If your pregnancy is at a very early stage and not quite well visible trans-abdominally, we will offer you and internal,   trans-vaginal scan, provided you are in agreement and not allergic to latex, which is entirely painless and harmless.

Price: £110.00

During your consultation we will present you with a written report and images at the end of the scan to take home. In addition we will discuss all findings with you which you can than discuss further with your GP, Consultant or Midwife. 

12 Week NT Nuchal Transluscency Scan

Private pregnancy Nuchal Translucency scan is also known as 12 weeks pregnancy scan or Down's syndrome scan test. The scan and the test are performed from 11-14 weeks of pregnancy. NT scans measures fluid at the back of the baby's neck as well as its nasal bone and Ductus Venosus Doppler trace.

The risk of major chromosomal abnormalities is calculated based on;

Mother's age

  • Mother's age

  • NT measurements

  • Blood test analysis.

We will look at baby's development at this stage, as well as measure parameters for NT risk calculation. Our Private Ultrasound Scan Clinic holds licence from Foetal Medicine Foundation for NT Measurements and diagnostics. Your blood results will usually be available the next working day.

Price: £180.00 including blood test

Dating Scan

Private pregnancy dating scans measure your baby to establish exact duration of pregnancy and estimate due date. During this scan we will be looking at position of your baby , baby's heart beat and maternal structures to exclude cysts or fibroids.

In addition, you will be able to see and hear baby's heart beat and we will give you a written report, measurements and images at the end of your scan. We are happy to provide complimentary 3d images for you at this stage.

Price: £110.00

Gender Baby Scan

Ultrasound Medic Ltd

Gender baby scan should be ideally performed after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

The accuracy of private pregnancy gender scan at this point will be 99%. All our gender scans are also medical, wellbeing scans and will examine the baby's development and check that everything is as it should be at that particular stage of your pregnancy. 

Private Ultrasound Clinic will provide you with a written medical report including measurements and wellbeing of your baby, as well as scan images.

Price: £159.00

20 Week Anatomy Scan

Anatomy scan - also known as Anomaly Scan - is performed from 18-24 weeks and it one of the most comprehensive scans, checking every part of baby's body and developments as well as looking for potential anomalies. During this scan we will be looking at the baby's;

Brain Head Face

  • Brain Head Face

  • Heart Abdomen Kidneys Bladder

  • Spine Bones Hands Feet

In addition, we will also look at your placenta, fluid and foetal position.

Following the scan, we will provide you with a measurement report and detailed anatomy survey, along with complimentary images in 2D or 3D and, If you wish, we can tell you the gender of your baby too- free of charge.

Price: £200.00

Growth Baby Scan

Ultrasound Medic Ltd

Growth baby scans are usually performed from 24 weeks until the end of the pregnancy. During this screening, we will be measuring your baby and checking;

We will also offer you an exciting 4D preview at no extra cost. As always, at the end of the scan you will get measurement and medical report with images.
EFW (estimated foetal weight) and Doppler scan will be performed if and when needed.

Price: £159.00

4D Baby Growth Scan with Doppler

This is the same Growth Scan with an added full 4D moving images view, all captured on a DVD for you to take home and treasure. Doppler scan is also performed, as an additional scan service, measuring your baby's blood flow in various organs and ensuring your baby is well and getting all the nutrients necessary via the placenta.

Price: £179.00

4D Baby Scan Premium Package

Ultrasound Medic Ltd

Growth report

  • Growth report

  • Black and White 3D images

  • Four 3D glossy images

  • DVD with moving 3D images

  • CD with still images

Price : £219.00


For further help and advice on all private pregnancy ultrasound, baby scans and pregnancy scans options, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us or send us a completely confidential email using the contact form found on our Contact Us page.

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