Well Woman Scans In Harley Street

Ultrasound Medic Ltd

Our Private Ultrasound Harley Street Clinic offers a range of well woman scans that include;

Pelvic scan

  • Pelvic scan

  • Ovarian cancer screening scan

  • Fertility scans

  • Liver and upper abdomen scans

  • Kidneys and bladder scans

Ultrasound Medic Ltd

Private Fertility Ultrasound Scans

Private Fertility Ultrasound Scans During this scan we will be checking;

Endometrium (lining of the womb) for polyps and fibroids.

  • Endometrium (lining of the womb) for polyps and fibroids.

  • Your ovaries

  • Surrounding pelvic structures

  • Searching for cysts, masses or simply normal follicles

Follicle tracking is available for women who wish to conceive as well as women who are undergoing IVF treatment here or abroad. Your detailed medical report will be given to you on a day, immediately after your appointment.

Our Private Ultrasound Clinic has a long tradition in fertility and IVF scanning and a wide network of partner IVF Clinics here in the UK and abroad.

Price: £159.00

Ovarian Cancer Tests

Ovarian Cancer Tests

Ovarian cancer shows higher incidence at postmenopausal age. At Private Ultrasound Scans London we have 10 years of experience in postmenopausal ovarian cancer screening at UKCTOX as well as special Certificate of competence in ultrasound screening.

During the screening we will be looking for:


  • Cysts

  • Masses

  • Polyps

  • Fluid collections within ovaries, uterus or pelvis

Should you wish to see a gynaecologist or add blood test for cancer markers, we could help you organise it at one of our partner clinics nearby in Harley Street.

All findings will be discussed with you on the day, with your medical report provided after the appointment.

Scan is best performed with empty bladder trans-vaginally. Please let us know if you might be allergic to Latex.

Price: £159.00

Ultrasound Medic Ltd

Kidneys, Bladder and Pelvic Scans

Kidney Scans

Using non-invasive ultrasound methods we will be scanning your kidneys for:


  • Size

  • Shape

  • Outline

  • Echogenicity (the ability to return the ultrasound echo) of both kidneys

These scans will help us determine and assess any possible cysts, masses, calculi or dilatations within kidneys.

Price: £159.00

Pelvic Scan

Performed trans-abdominally with full bladder or trans-vaginally with empty bladder, pelvic scans are used to assess the uterus and ovaries for a wide range of issues including:


  • possible cysts

  • fibroids

  • polyps

In addition, ovarian cancer screen scan will be performed for pre or postmenopausal women.
Please let us know ahead of the scan if you are allergic to Latex.

Price: £159.00

Bladder Scans

Bladder Scans

Urinary bladder tests should be done on a full bladder (please drink two pints of water 30 minutes before the scan). When performing this scan we will look at bladder to find indications of:


  • Polyps

  • Growth

  • Calculi within the bladder

Price: £159.00

Should you wish to combine Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen and a Pelvic Scan, our Clinic has a permanent special offer price as a Well Woman Health Scan for £299.00 by Sonographer and £399.00 by Consultant Radiologist, providing a significant saving

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Please call us on 020 7935 4417 or 07501 701 701 to discuss your requirements and book your appointment or send us your enquiry via the contact form.

For more information regarding your chosen ultrasound scan and any preparation required, please refer to the relevant pages on our websites. For pelvic and pregnancy scans, please consume 4 cups of water one hour before your scan. For abdominal scans, please fast for 4 hours before your scan and maintain your sugar levels if diabetic.
If taking any regular medication, or have any health conditions or potential risks to your general health, please notify us immediately.

Please also note there is a supplemental charge of £20 for out-of-office hours appointments, Saturdays and Bank holidays.

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