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For many men the term ultrasound is more closely linked with pregnancy than their own well-being. However, in recent years this form of technology has proved extremely useful in finding a wide range of ailments with the human body as a whole. As a result, the ultrasound is now widely used tool to check and diagnose a wide range of male related illnesses.

Below is a quick glance at some of the ways an ultrasound screening can be used to help you.

Liver and Upper Abdominal Scans


At our Private Ultrasound Clinic in Harley Street, London, we will assess your liver size, shape, texture and look for any changes in terms of cysts, masses, fatty infiltration or alcohol related liver disease. We will scan your pancreas, spleen and gallbladder, searching for changes and calculi as well as free fluid. We would advise that no food is consumed at least 4 hours before the abdominal scans

Price: £159.00

Kidney and Bladder Scan

Kidney and Bladder Scan

Kidneys are responsible for a wide range of high priority functions within your body- such as removing toxins, balancing fluids and producing urine. Using non-invasive ultrasound methods, we will make sure you are in perfect working order by checking the;

Size / Shape

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Outline

  • Echogenicity (the ability to return the ultrasound echo) of both kidneys

This scan is usually done with a full bladder, so please drink 2 pints of water 30 minutes before scan.

Price: £159.00

Prostate Scan

Prostate Scan

After an assessment of your bladder and kidneys, we will ask you to go and empty your bladder to look at residual urine post micturition. Sometimes the prostate condition or other conditions prevent urinary bladder from emptying properly and can lead to recurrent infections within retained urine. Prostates scan will be done trans abdominally, with full bladder.

During the test we will assess the;

Size / Any potential

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Any potential changes within prostate

Once completed, we will provide you with a full report and images which you can take to your GP for further consultations if necessary.

Price: £159.00 with a Sonographer, performed transbdominal

Transrectal Prostate Scan with a Consultant Radiologist is £219.00



Testicles Scan

We understand how sensitive this examination might be to men, so our Clinic has a most-renowned male Consultant Radiologist who performs Testicular Scans and Screening. Testicular scan will usually examine testicles for any lumps or swellings, while it would also look at the superficial tissues of the scrotum, spermatic cord and epididymis (tube connected to testis)/

Details would be discussed with our Consultant during the appointment and a copy of full medical report will be provided.

Price: £169.00 with a Lead Sonographer

£219.00 with Consultant Radiologist, Dr Chris Harvey

Should you wish to combine Upper Abdomen and Lower Abdomen  ultrasound scans by our Consultant Radiologist we offer a Well Man Health Scan at a special price of £350.00

The Same Well Man Health Scan Package with our Lead Sonographer is £250.00

For an additional £100.00 a Testicles Scan can be added 

Get in Touch

If you would like any further advice regarding a well man scan please call us on 020 7935 4417 or send us your enquiry via our confidential contact form.

For more information regarding your chosen ultrasound scan and any preparation required, please refer to the relevant pages on our websites. For pelvic and pregnancy scans, please consume 4 cups of water one hour before your scan. For abdominal scans, please fast for 4 hours before your scan and maintain your sugar levels if diabetic.
If taking any regular medication, or have any health conditions or potential risks to your general health, please notify us immediately.

Please also note there is a supplemental charge of £20 for out-of-office hours appointments, Saturdays and Bank holidays. 

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